Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Thursday, must be time for a post.

Funny thing - my husband reads my blog sometimes and saw my blog post. Wanted to know why I was saying bad things about my computer (my computer is stupid and a FO). Now he doesn't speak "yarnie" too much....he thought the FO was something directed towards my computer, not a lovely comfy new "finished object", being my Ella Rae sweater.
Computer news isn't really any better. I found a program online that was supposed to fix registry issues and the like, including .dll files. Well, in everyone else's case but mine. Humph. So right now I've lost my most recent class invoice for work, my week 4 and 5 beginning knitting file (for teaching - fortunately I had sent weeks 1-3 to my gmail account!) and my itunes is defunct. I tried downloading a new itunes, but same problem. Also reloaded office, still no change. Patrick offered to check it out when he gets home in March for spring break, so we'll see.

Knitting is going great however. I'm leaving soon this morning to try and find some decent buttons for my Kauni! Yes, I bound off last night and got all the ends tucked in and will hopefully sew buttons on today. Pictures probably tomorrow and then I'll block. Hooray! It got done in time for Madrona. I'm very relieved.

Besides my crazy list I posted, I do have class samples to make and store samples to work on. For work right now, I have a baby sweater (or is it a vest?) in Baby Cashmerino, the Louet felted cable bag out of Riverstone, a Leaf lace shawl out of Kauni (the brown, gold, blue colorway - gotta get this done for Madrona!) baby socks from the leftovers of Baby Cashmerino, and that's just what's currently in my bag. Gotta get these done quickly - the new spring yarns are starting to arrive, and there's some great stuff in there!

Pictures! I have pictures of lots of stuff - these would be from Christmas - on the left is Sara, and the right Patrick. I also did quite a bit of Christmas knitting - I didn't get pictures of everything, so I just have a bit of a representation. Final tally was 1 pair of socks for Patrick (look! Doug even learned how to knit - see below - he did one round!), 1 pair of socks for Doug out of ShiBui Sock, 1 pair of socks for my brother Dave, 1 wrap out of seasilk for my Mom (my own pattern - Mermaid Wrap which I really don't think I can post her because the shop paid me for the pattern. I suppose they basically own it, so I can't republish here), 6 felted sheep, a horizontal herringbone scarf out of Manos silk blend for Sara, a sweater for Patrick, a cabled shortie poncho out of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande for Sara, and an afghan for my mom and her fiance out of Manos wool. The sheep went one each to my sister-in-laws. Those are little wooden stars that I painted red, green, or yellow around their sheepy necks.
So, why don't I post too often? Guess I knit too much! I know I really need to get better about documenting my projects and I'm trying to get better about it.
Have a great day!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My computer is stupid and a FO

So, a few weeks ago we had some snow. Not that big a deal, maybe 1 1/2 inches. At 6:00 the next morning, our power suddenly went out. Doug eventually got up, got ready for work and headed out into the cold unfriendliness. He was back in under 5 minutes. Apparently a large maple had fallen across the road completely blocking access to the outside world. There was a sheriff car there with lights flashing and everyone was told it would be 2 hours or more before the road would be opened again. Well, for some reason my computer has been acting strangely ever since. Naomi suggested I shut it down and repower it, which I was thinking should be done also, so I did this past weekend. Shoot. It came back on with a blue screen saying I had all sorts of corrupt file messages and the whatnot. So, the end result right now is that all of my beginning knitting teaching files are gone. Just gone. Zappo. Nowhere to be found. Same with most of my pictures, and my itunes. I'm hoping that I'm not totally messed up on the itunes, but I'm too scared to plug my ipod in to the computer. Fortunately Patrick is lending me his itrip so I can charge my big ipod that way. Does anyone know what a RICHED20.dll is? Apparently mine is gone.

My last post had a boatload of over ambitousness on my part that I'm really trying to fufill. Here's a picture of the first one - the Ella Rae T-Shirt sweater.

Ella Rae TShirt Sweater

Yarn - Atacama, color 500 8 skeins

I made the longer version, with the shorter sleeves

Started October (?) finished January 11, 2008

Love it! Really quick knit, nothing fancy which is what I was after. I really like it over a white oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the tails of the shirt sticking out.

More pictures later - time to head out to work!

Friday, January 18, 2008

This, that, and the other

Sorry, no pictures this post -my camera is acting weird. Probably just operator error, no surprise!

So, I thought I should write down my plans/goals for knitting this year. As you will see from my list, I tend to try and be an overachiever. Note, I said try to be, not that I actually am. So here goes.

To start this off, I have a lot of yarn. I really have a lot of yarn. Maybe not as much as alot of people out there, but still. I have decided for my own sanity, I'm not going to buy much yarn (although it's okay to buy at Madrona, of course!) this year until I get some of my projects done and some of the stash whittled down. So I plan to try and get one to two sweaters done per month. That won't take care of any of my laceweight or fingering weight, but that's okay.

January - Ella Rae TShirt Sweater in Atacama yarn, color 500. Done 1/11/08
Ruth's Kauni Cardigan
Cabled poncho for Sara in Plymouth Baby Grande Alpaca ,in dark green. Done 1/16/08
1 row of Pi Shawl per day. I started this with Naomi on January 1st. More later.

February - Peace Fleece Everyday Cardigan. Yes, I already did this in August 2007. More on this later too.
Aran sweater that was started 4 years ago. Just get it done already!
7 washcloths for Sara for her birthday. Cute cotton ones, one for each day of the week -(these will be for her birthday in March)

March - Lavold Margery Sweater in Silky Tweed
Hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knitted gifts in some yarn from Elann

April - Top down sweater out of my homespun (Spinderella's Thrums)

May - Lavold Hempathy top in orange - don't remember the name right now, doesn't matter right now
A Louet top in purple. All I remember about this pattern is that Naomi has it and it was purchased last LYS tour at churchmouse.

June - Another Lavold Hempathy top in Blue
A Louet top in a pretty blue and green tweed

July - Hand dye some knitpicks yarn I have for a new rogue (to replace the one that got shrunkified)
I have some Hemp6 but I can't remember which top, but they also came out with another top that I think I like even better.

August - Top down sweater in pink (moscow magic pink) Peace Fleece

Huh, I really thought I had this planned out through September, so that will give more more room to plan. I really think I'll be plenty busy!