Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hey there - can't believe it's been way over a month since my last post. Ahem.

So, things will be changing around here. Nothing bad, nothing to worry about... just that after months of thinking and weighing options I decided I needed to leave my life of employ for now and get stuff done at home. We will definitely be budgeting more, but we know it's doable for us and life is just too short. I'm looking forward to having dinners at home at a normal time, getting my yard in order, having our potting shed moved to our yard *hurray Doug!* and having a veggie garden again. There is lots to do around the house that I just haven't been getting to and there is always plenty of spinning and knitting to be done!

For those of you that are customers/friends... my last day will be next Thursday 7/31. Pop in and see me if you can!

For the rest of you - tons of stuff for me to catch up on here - hopefully much more often starting next week!