Friday, February 20, 2009

It's my birthday, I can blog if I want to

Most likely everyone has used that as a blog title at some point, no? So here I am, one year older, and quite awhile since a post. Oh well. What have I been up to? Knitting, regular everyday stuff and more knitting.

I knit Patrick a modified Pub Crawler sweater for Christmas out of Black Water Abbey Yarn, color Jacob. I think this was a record for me - 6 days. Yes, I cruised on it, but it needed to get done. He's cold at school.We celebrated Sara's graduation from the University of Washington (BA English Lit, BS Molecular Biology) Here's a picture of her heading over to campus with her last undergrad paper. Later we took her and the boyfriend to a Moroccan restaurant for dinner.

Christmas happened, we had too much snow, more unexpected snow. You know the drill. For Christmas I ended up knitting nine of brooklyntweed's turn a square hats. One for each of my nephews on Doug's side of the family and one for Sara's boyfriend. I also knit a new pair of socks for everyone in our immediate family (Doug, Sara, Patrick) and decided to also knit a pair for Sara's BF. The socks came first for him, the hat was extra so that I wouldn't have the leftover yarn sitting around. May as well knit another hat!

My last few posts had some content about emergency preparedness. Does anyone care? I wasn't getting any feedback on it, so I thought everyone may have been irritated (non knitting content and all) and I stopped.
Okay, enough for now. We are going to go eat Indian food tonight, then maybe a bit of MarioKart or RockBand on the Wii at home after? We'll see!


Joni said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I'm right behind you, albeit probably several years older. We'll have to plan a little celebration later on. Enjoy your special day!

PICAdrienne said...

Happy Birthday. I am happy to see you post again!

Sarah said...

Well, happy birthday! Another February baby!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday a bit late! Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation. 2 degrees! That is impressive.

I went hat crazy at Christmas too. I used the cable hat pattern that was on display up at the shop for 5 of the hats. In fact 2 of the hats used the exact same yarn and color. Then I made one from Cascade 220 superwash paints (snagged from the clearance bin) and 2 more from "Nashua Ivy".

Then I made another 3 hats in just plain ribbing (I was told the cables were too girly and the guys would want a plainer look) and finally one more in the Asymetrical Cable pattern from the "One Skein" book for my MIL.

I have the Brooklyn Tweed pattern and must give that a go as well.

Anyway, I hope you are well. Maybe see you around the shop sometime... I had to miss the Feb knit night, but my daughter and I will be there this week.

Take Care,

Paul said...

Hey, i have no clue who you are and have little-to-no interest in knitting. I'm kinda here by accident, but I just wanted to say that sweater is beautiful! Good work!