Thursday, November 13, 2008

Week 2

Last Thursday, I started posting a once a week guide to disaster preparedness. This weeks list comes from the hardware store.

- Heavy cotton or hemp rope
- Duct tape
- 2 flashlights with batteries
- Matches in waterproof container for outside use only with appropriate camp stove or BBQ

Additional: Leash or carrier for your pet, extra set of I.D. tags

Action steps:
- Sign up for a First Aid/CPR class at your local American Red Cross (I need to do this again!)

So, in reality where does one keep all this stuff? I figure if there's an earthquake (our most likely disaster here in the PNW) I need to be able to get to the stuff I've stored. We have some built in cabinets in our basement that we used to use for toy storage. We've managed to clear out a good portion of these, so it made a great solution for me to have an emergency pantry of sorts. The cabinets latch, so I would just have to be able to get to the basement. Doug has a lot of tools, so pretty much anything like rope, duct tape, etc. is here and in good supply. I do always keep a flashlight next to the bed, because you just never know when the power may go out!

On the knitting front, I did post last night (Wed 11/12) that I finished the Tilia sweater. I forgot to take pictures today, due to massive raking of leaves and Madrona registration. Tomorrow? I did finish the first of another pair of Christmas socks too.

Ahh, Madrona. Well, I did get into the two classes that I wanted (I did ideally want others, but just too much money) Judith McKenzie McCuin Dyeing for Socks on Friday morning, and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Speed Knitting Saturday pm. That will give me time to be able to visit with friends too. I'm really not sure why the registration opened up at least 2 hours before the scheduled time...perhaps the company used (in Colorado) forgot to set it for Pacific Time? I was happy that someone on a list I'm on sent out a quick message and just happened to see it come across. Regardless, I think everyone will have a great time.

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